Tom Krieglstein


A dynamic and highly engager keynoter, workshop presenter and entrepreneur, Tom Krieglstein is the founder of Swift Kick, a multi-service organization dedicated to engaging undergraduates and professionals around leadership development. Tom has spoken on hundreds of campuses around the US and worldwide, including South Korea, Indonesia and Bermuda. He also co-authored six student affairs books, including his award winning book “First Year Student to First Year Success.”

Named the #1 student leadership speaker 5 years by schools nationwide, Tom is close to appearing in all 50 states. His desire to help students fight apathy on campus was the motivation behind his signature leadership training program known as, “Dance Floor Theory” which has been experienced by over 227,000 students.

His entrepreneurial spirit was first realized when his junior year in college when Tom started an online business retail store which grew to over a million and a half dollars in annual sales. The strategies used to achieve his visions are often shared in his presentations.

And on a personal note, Tom lives in New York City and loves peanut butter.

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