The Lead365 Foundation

The Lead365 Foundation was established to “empower collegiate leaders and professionals who are dedicated to developing student leaders, and to build leadership capacity in student and higher education professionals.”  It is a 501(c)3 public charity established in Massachusetts.

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Lead365 Foundation Initiatives

The Foundation serves as the umbrella organization for program initiatives designed to advance collegiate leaders and improve career preparedness and new professionalism (6 years or less in the workforce).

Under the capable guidance of Dr. Susan Salvador, the Foundation president, and her board, the Foundation raises funds and seeks grants to support the initiatives noted below.

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Lead365 National Conference

The primary program of the Foundation is the planning and implementation of an annual leadership conference.  The Lead365 National Conference has its own advisory board.  The conference executive director is Nancy Hunter Denney.

The mission of the conference is simply to assist undergraduates, graduate students, leadership educators and new professionals in being better equipped with the knowledge, competencies, perspective and desire to be better 365 days a year. 

Whether a student leader, staff member, leadership educator or new professional, the conference curriculum continually adjusts to meet the competency development needs of the workplace while instilling a sense of obligation to serve the greater social good.

Providing free leadership resources to conference participants has added great value and there remains the number one goal of providing an extremely amazing growth opportunity at the lowest possible cost.  In fact, we are working to get the registration fee lowered.

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Lead365 Scholarships

From the very beginning, the Foundation has raised funds to offer $200 in cash scholarships to assist in off setting miscellaneous costs associated with attending a conference of this caliber.

Lead365 National Awards

The first cash prize of $500 was awarded in 2017 to Jared McClean from Monmouth College.  Applications are accepted year round in the search for an undergraduate or professional who contributes above and beyond.