Lead365 National Conference

2019 Exhibiting, Sponsorship & Donation Form

Thank you for your interest in exhibiting, sponsoring or supporting the efforts of the Lead365 Foundation and the Lead365 National Conference. After reviewing the various sponsorship levels, exhibiting information and ways to contribute to the Lead365 Foundation, please complete the form below. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at email: foundation@lead365.org or call 508.864.4027.

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Various levels of engagement offer the opportunity to have one of the following naming events. Refer to the chart for further explanation.
Using the space below, indicate the nature and amount of the donation you are interested in making directly to the Lead365 Foundation. A representative from the Foundation will be in touch shortly to answer any questions and provide additional direction if needed.
Make all checks payable to "Lead365 Foundation" and mail to: 8 Faneuil Hall - Suite 320, Boston, MA 02738. If paying by credit card or requiring invoice, please call 508.864.4027 or email: nhd@lead365.org. In the space provided below, please summarize your exhibiting and sponsorship total amount and items requested. Thank you for your support.