Peter Bielagus


Who gives away money to make a point? Answer: Peter Bielagus. He is a self-built financially secure man on a mission to improve American lives through financial education. Known as “America’s Young Financial Advisor, “ this former “fee for service” financial advisor travels the globe delivering keynotes and workshops at colleges, corporations, independent schools and military bases all over the world.

Through humor, real life examples and personal experience, Peter shares important money management information with a unique twist. He has spoken internationally and on military ships. He has also spoken in all but two US states. He is the author of two books, “Getting Loaded: Make a Million, While You’re Still Young Enough To Enjoy It” and “Quick Cash For Teens: Make Money And Be Your Own Boss.” Peter has also been featured in the Wall Street Journal, PBS, USA Today and many other media outlets. His presentations are a financial wake up call.


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