New Professionals Institute 2.0 Pre-Con


thursday, oct. 31, 2019 1 - 4 PM

who should attend?

Based upon previous attendee feedback, we are offering in 2019 two pre-con tracks around the topic of career preparedness and new professionalism. One track is for undergraduates and the other is for new professionals in higher education.

Why not get a head start or adjust your current practices to ensure a successful start to your career? 

Topics include: professionalism in higher education, career mapping, financial planning, interviewing, and so on.

An additional fee of $49 is required.

there's more

In addition to the enormous quality of 3 straight hours of “to the point” programming offered in the NPI 2.0 Pre-Con, participants will also receive the following:

  • Professional Photo for use on social media

  • Resume review

  • Opportunity to connect one on one with the HR experts

new professionals institute 2.0


1 - 2 PM [All Participants including undergraduates, grad students and professionals

Starting with the End in Mind

Competencies: Initiative and Scope of Competence

Presenter: Nancy Hunter Denney

Do you know, really know where you want to be in five years, ten years or even next year?  Whether a career bound undergraduate, graduate student, or new professional, this intensive session gets personal and asks the tough questions, offers perspective and will leave you more equipped to make decisions about your future. Nancy Hunter Denney brings 35 years of diversified professional experiences ranging from student affairs to entrepreneurialism. Topics include considerations for charting your own course, competency analysis, desired versus evidence based professional reputation and how to function today knowing what you want tomorrow.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Development of individual map of career preparation and current competency strengths

  • Knowledge of desired career direction

  • Growth strategy for professional and career mobility

  • Identification of reputation and how to identify the “proof”

2 PM - 4 PM [Undergraduates]

Making What Matters Matter Most

Competencies: Appropriate Interaction and Initiative

Presenter: Chelsea Williams

How do you know what you don’t know? As an undergraduate (of any age) it’s hard to navigate and prepare for a career that brings you joy, fits your passions and interests, and offers opportunities for growth and development. Ms. Williams shares her unique career path from X to Y, and the lessons learned along the way. As a career preparation expert, Ms. Williams offers insights and workable strategies for focusing on what matters most right now.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Build a professional career brand that’s congruent with your value system and passions

  • Contemplate being your own boss versus traditional career paths

  • Detailed growth strategy for professional and career mobility

  • Setting of achievable professional goals

2 PM - 4 PM [Graduate Students & New Professionals]

Workplace Success Strategies

Competencies: Initiative and Appropriate Interaction

Presenters: Amanda Brunson, MHR, SHRM-CP, HR Generalist

Naureen O’Neale, MA. SHRM-CP, Director Workforce Readiness\GOSHRM

Do you work because you “have to” or because you “want to” be a productive contributor to your employer’s mission? Maybe there are other real life motives and career satisfaction is around the corner! Obstacles limiting your career satisfaction and success will always pop up, the solution is to anticipate them and respond constructively. At other times, the best strategy is to move on. How do you decide? Presented by experienced professionals and Human Resource professionals (pending confirmation).

Learning Outcomes:

  • Navigating the workplace

  • Identification of the biggest mistakes made by less experienced professionals

  • Strategies for upward mobility

  • Retirement Investment strategies for the long term