Schedule with Descriptions

Oct. 31 [Day 1 - Opening Events & Networking]

1 PM - 7 PM Registration & Bookstore Open

1 PM - 4 PM New Professional’s Institute 2.0

5 PM - 7 PM Exhibitors

5:45 PM - 6:45 PM Grab a Dinner Picnic Bag & Some Sunshine

Opening Session: The Expectations of Leadership & Round One of Lead365Talks
7 PM - 9 PM

What does it mean to “explore, engage and evolve?”  What are the leadership competencies and how do they impact this conference? You will get these answers and feel the unique energy of Lead365 while being introduced to a national treasure house of practitioners, researchers and professional speakers called “The Faculty.” Oh and there’s more… much more.

Following a dynamic welcome, the very talented Dr. Jamie Washington kicks off this year’s conference with his thoughts on “The Expectations of Leadership.” Just in case that didn’t make you go “Wow” a series of 20 minute “Lead365Talks” by professional speakers highlights the connection between a particular competency and their own life. These condensed speeches are also intended to offer a “snap shot” of who they are as a speaker while sharing a significant leadership message. 

Lead365Talks Round One - “Life Lessons on Leadership Competencies”

  • Sara Lowery on Personal Values

  • Dr. Jermaine Davis on Other’s Contributions

  • Melissa Ruiz on Self-Development

To keep things moving, the humorous and witty James Robilotta will engage the audience with strategies for a successful conference. 

Leadership After Dark by Melissa Ruiz [For undergraduates]
9:15 PM - 10:30 PM

Competencies: Appropriate Interaction and Verbal

As the sun goes down, so will undergraduate apprehensions about meeting other conference mover and shakers. You will be challenged to take your leadership to a whole new level and in a safe environment, step out of your comfort zone. Developed by SwiftKick, and facilitated by the Melissa Ruiz, "Leadership After Dark" is an opportunity to engage in a variety of personal networking and team building activities to push you beyond the limits you may believe you currently possess. Be ready. Be Prepared. It's Leadership After Dark!

Professional Reception - Invitations are given to graduate students and professionals upon arrival.

Nov. 1 [Day 2]

Registration & Bookstore Open - 8 AM - 5 PM

Exhibitors - 8 AM - 1:30 PM

Breakout Session Block 1 - Explore
9:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Would You Follow You?  How to Build Your Leadership Confidence

Competencies: Scope of Competence and Confidence

Sara Lowery

The competency of "confidence" is defined as "appearing certain of your beliefs, knowledge, convictions and capabilities." No matter if you think (or do) things differently than your predecessor, do you believe in YOUR leadership?  Would YOU follow You? Build your confidence by knowing how to examine your current leadership in this revealing session.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Be able to define and recognize the competency of "confidence"

  • Identify when repeating unproductive behaviors and expecting productive outcomes

  • Learn how to self-assess without being self-critical

  • Know how to apply the elements of the SWOT Analysis to your own leadership

Gettin’ Gritty: Finish What You Start!

Competencies: Follow-Through and Resiliency

Dr. Jermaine M. Davis

Do you feel like giving up when life and school becomes too difficult? Do you start projects and don’t finish them? Does procrastination interfere with your ability to thrive and succeed? Learn how to take responsibility and follow through on your personal and professional dreams and goals. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Bounce-back and overcome obstacles using Facilitative Emotions

  • Manage the Four Fears that interferes with short and long-term successes

  • Manage procrastination using the Principle of Incremental Achievement

  • Identify healthy and unhealthy, personal and professional relationships using the Dream Team Philosophy

  • Develop a “Grit-Based” Mindset using the C + R = Success or Failure FormulaFinish What You Star

Career Lab 1 - "But Nobody Will Know": Making Ethical Decisions When You’re All Alone 

Competencies: Responsibility for Personal Behavior and Ethics

Rev. Dr. Jamie Washington

How do you know you are doing the right thing? What about when there seems to be two “right” things? How do you find your compass? Are there ethical standards outlined for you position or role? Making ethical decisions is a leadership charge and challenge.  Come learn how to meet the challenge head on.
Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn the meaning of ethical behavior

  • Examine your personal values and their connection (or not) to leadership roles

  • Learn how to recover from ethical breakdownsThink, Say and Do It Right: Ethical Decision Making

Leading Imperfectly: Stop Trying to be Perfect -- You are Enough

Competencies:  Scope of Competence and Confidence

James Robilotta

Instead of waiting for the same cliché leadership lessons, consider this:  You don't learn things from "perfect" people, you learn from people who are "imperfect."  Own who you are!  Be real.  In this rather hysterical session, learn how to lead through your faults.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Experience introspective examination

  • Identify areas of struggle and success

  • Know strategies for an increased sense of personal confidenceLeading Imperfectly

Leadership and Your Bucket List

Breakout Session Block 1 - Explore
Friday, Nov. 1, 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Competencies: Self-Understanding and Goals 

Dr. Lucy Croft

What are your true passions? What’s the connection to leadership? There is nothing greater than setting a goal and successfully achieving it.  Through the sharing of personal experiences while crossing items off the “bucket list”, the presenter will take you through a journey of self-discovery. Explore what brings you joy in life while identifying leadership lessons along the way. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Establish a strong foundation from which to guide your path

  • Develop strategies to lead yourself before leading others

  • Identify your bucket list to achieve throughout your life

  • Designate a group of confidants for accountability

  • Reflect upon successes and challenges

Professional Track 1 - Critical Questions on the Horizon of Leadership Education” [Innovation & Application Combined Session]

Breakout Session Block 1 - Explore
Friday, Nov. 1, 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Competencies: Other Perspectives and Reflection and Application

This combined opening program offers an amazing opportunity to hear about and discuss critical questions shaping leadership education. Dr. Corey Seemiller, Dr. Kathy Guthrie, Dr. David Rosch, and Ms. Sadhana Hall will guide the conversation using the questions below.

  • What are critical questions leadership educators need to be thinking about today?

  • What are some possible answers to those questions?

  • How do those answers impact the day-to-day work when engaging in student leadership development?

Facilitated by Susan Luchey.

Breakout Session Block 2 - Explore
10:15AM - 11:15AM

Managing The Chaos:  Bouncing Back from a Setback

Competencies:  Resiliency and Follow-Through

Curtis Hill

Mistakes, failures, and rejections are part of life. How you respond can negatively or positively impact your future success and leadership potential. Drawing from personal experiences, a self-proclaimed "expert on setbacks" shares his fascinating stories on how to bounce back from a setback (or lifetime of them).  Is it time to re-evaluate your attitude?  

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Be able to define "resiliency" and three strategies for being more resilient

  • Realize that every setback is also a learning opportunity

  • Learn how to set your own personal and professional boundaries

Keys to Excellence

Competencies: Excellence and Functioning Independently

Chelsea Williams

Have you ever wondered how to live a life of excellence? Excellence is not perfection, rather it is aspiring towards personal best in every situation. Excellence, like a muscle, must be built over time through commitment and consistency. This workshop will equip student leaders with practical ways to embody excellence, in and out of the classroom. Throughout the session, students will leverage an excellence roadmap to drive personal and professional growth.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the importance of pursuing excellence as a student leader 

  • Discover roadblocks that challenge excellence such as poor communication and negative attitude 

  • Learn practical ways to pursue and cultivate a culture of excellence 

  • Set personal and professional  decelerations to catapult excellence 

Conversations That Influence

Competencies: Advocating a Point of View and Appropriate Interaction

Michael Miller

When you continuously offend, have a reputation for “over-reacting” or are excluded from controversial conversations, is it possible your current proficiency at advocating your point of view isn’t serving you well? Effective communication strategies for being assertive versus aggressive and enhanced listing skills are the focus of this interactive session.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identification of personal conversational weaknesses

  • Ability to listen more intentionally and paraphrase effectively

  • Strategies for being assertive and crafting a POV

Career Lab 2 - On Your Own:  How to Be an Entrepreneur

Competencies: Initiative and Plan

Peter Bielagus

Is the entrepreneurship life for you?  Ever thought about starting your own business?  Whether it’s a full time "gig" or your “side hustle,” contribute to the conversation as we discuss the pros and cons of starting your own business and where to begin. Ready to take the jump?

Learning Outcomes:

  • Appreciation for the challenges versus payoffs of being an entrepreneur

  • Knowledge of the various types of motivations for doing your own "thing"

  • Identification of "resources" necessary to be an entrepreneur - including personal characteristics

  • Ability to apply planning strategies to business idea

  • Start a legitimate business plan

What to Do When Treat “Yo-Self” Isn’t Good Enough?

Competencies: Self-Development and Responsibility for Personal Behavior

Melissa Ruiz

Does stress sneak up on you? Does your calendar fill up before you know it? Do you get sick often and you're not sure why? Most leaders tend to be the first to show up and the last to leave. Explore and discover what toll that takes on your mind and body and how you can find moments of peace to re-center, re-charge and re-focus. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify your biggest stressors are on and off campus

  • Understand the connection between mental and physical health to your leadership ability

  • Create an individualized 5-minute self-care routine you can do anywhere

Professional Track Session 2 (Application) - Exploring Conscious Leadership: Bringing Positive Change to Challenging Team and Organizational Culture

Kelvin Harris

Competencies: Other Perspectives and Positive Attitude

Speak up or say nothing? Act or stand still? The session has the power to empower YOU to exercise the commitments of conscious leadership.  Learn how to become a positive influence where challenging team, workplace and organizational culture exist. Participants will also learn effective leadership tools that engage the perspective of others in ones' decision-making process.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify personal commitments of conscious leadership

  • Know essential leadership traits

  • Better understand how to be more inclusive of other ideas and perspectives

Professional Track Session 2 (Application) - Building Your Brand: Leadership to Shape, Share and Remember

Professional Track Session 2 (Innovation)

Dr. Jason L. Meriwether

Competencies: Idea Generation and Systems Thinking

Professional Staff are inundated by numerous theories positing methods to lead within a complex organization, while choices about leadership style are equally broad and varied. This interactive session will challenge participants to design a consistent message about leadership that is robust with substance and strategy, yet attentive to personal style. Attendees will be challenged to construct an individual leadership brand that will flourish in the campus community and for the duration of their career.

Learning Outcomes

  • Familiarity with evaluation tools to measure current perceptions about leadership branding within a complex university setting;

  • Recognizing consequences of intended and unintentional elements of leadership brand within campus settings;

  • Impact of leadership branding strategy on career trajectory and graduate/terminal degree completion within university system; and

  • Ability to utilize best practices in shaping a leadership brand that enhances contribution to team morale and productivity.

Round Two of Lead365Talks - “Life Lessons on Leadership Competencies”
11:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Hosted by Dr. Jermaine M. Davis who will also speak on “The Power of Purpose”, the second round of 15 minute Lead365Talks brings enlightenment and more examples about various competencies. This round of mini-speeches includes:

  • Michael Miller on Verbal Communication

  • Chelsea Williams on Resilience

  • Curtis Hill on Responsibility for Personal Behavior

Sit Down Buffet Lunch
12:30 PM – 1:30 PM

Breakout Session Block 3 - Explore and Engage
1:30 PM – 2:45 PM

365 Degrees of Change:  How to Initiate, Manage and Create Change

Breakout Session Block 3 - Explore and Engage
Friday, Nov. 1, 1:30 PM – 2:45 PM

Susan Luchey and Sarah Lowery

Competencies: Responding to Change and Resiliency

Making change happen can be fun, exciting and powerful, yet managing change requires a complex skill set involving teamwork, strategies, assessment and more.  Key concepts in and around leading to and through change will be offered in an active exchange of experiences and ideas.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand how to implement the 5 1/2 concepts leading to successful change

  • Demonstrate understanding of a change management framework

  • Apply change process template to current leadership challenge

Ummm... So... Like...  Let's Talk about Public Speaking

Competencies: Verbal Communication (Public Speaking) and Non-Verbal Communication 

James Robilotta

Jerry Seinfeld once said, "People fear public speaking more than they fear death.  So that means, at a funeral most people would rather be in the casket than giving the eulogy."  Which would you choose?  You've observed amazing displays of engagement by conference speakers learn what separates them from a mundane monologist.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Know characteristics and behaviors of engaging speakers

  • Identify personal assets and liabilities at the podium

  • Appreciate the reality: Success is linked to WHAT you say not HOW

Thinking Beyond the Icebreaker: Creating Strong Group Dynamics Within Your Team

Breakout Session Block 3 - Explore and Engage
Friday, Nov. 1, 1:30 PM – 2:45 PM

Competencies: Group Dynamics and Productive Relationships

Dr. David Rosch

Creating intergroup working relationships based on trust, understanding, and shared goals takes more than starting the year with an icebreaker.  In this session designed to exemplify and mirror its learning outcomes, you will find out what Google already knows about effective teams and how to put that knowledge to practice in your student organizations.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Recognize and learn how to build psychological safety in their teams

  • Learn about Project Artistotle and its key findings

  • Develop a plan of action for strong team-building in their student organizations

Money Management For Leaders

Competencies:  Plan and Self-Understanding

Pater Bielagus

Do you have a good relationship with your finances?  Do you even know what "assets" and "debt" you carry?  Money management is an essential leadership skill demonstrating your ability to be accountable, control stress, and direct and plan your future success.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Know the two most important numbers when it comes to student loans

  • Create a personal spending plan

  • Be able to apply strategies for improving your current credit score

  • Define "money management"

  • Accurately assess personal relationship with money

Career Lab 3 - Believe Me - It's You:  How to Deal with Difficult People

Competencies:  Conflict Negotiation and Verbal Communication

Nancy Hunter Denney

There is no escaping "difficult" co-workers, teammates, leaders and family members.  So the one thing you can control is how YOU respond and YOUR role in the interaction.  Work through one of your challenging relationships step by step in this practical skill based session on dealing with difficult people. Is it possible YOU are the "difficult" one? 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Know three strategies for dealing with challenging individuals

  • Understand the characteristics of "challenging" or "difficult"

  • Recognize personal communication traits causing unproductive responses

Professional Track 3 (Innovation) - Using Leadership Competencies to Develop Talents into Strengths

Breakout Session Block 3
Friday, Nov. 1, 1:30 PM – 2:45 PM

Dr. Corey Seemiller

Competencies: Others' Contributions and Systems Thinking

For more than a decade, college students around the nation have been using the Clifton StrengthsFinder instrument to uncover their top five signature talent themes.  But, how do students turn a talent theme into a strength?  This session will offer an innovative approach for helping students leverage their talents into strengths by developing associated leadership competencies. 

  • Participants will understand the connection between the Gallup StrengthsFinder and the Student Leadership Competencies. 

  • Participants will be able to help students uncover competencies associated with their talent themes. 

  • Participants will be able to facilitate student leadership competency development in relation to leveraging talents into strengths.

Professional Track 3 (Application) - Thinking to Transform: Using Reflection in Leadership Learning

Competencies: Reflection and Application and Creating Change

Dr. Kathy Guthrie

Reflection, the process of making meaning of experience, and leadership, a relational process for affecting change, are enhanced by one another. Reflection in leadership learning is essential for anyone who wants to develop their capacity for leadership. This session provides a balance of theory and practice to empower and enable educators to engage in reflective leadership learning.

Breakout Session Block 4 - Engage
3:00 PM – 3:45 PM

Having the Tough Conversations to Protect, Inform and Create Change

Competencies: Appropriate Interaction and Inclusion

Rev. Dr. Jamie Washington

What does it mean to be “inclusive” and a “social justice” advocate? There are varying levels of activism, actions and attitudes that can be applied to your daily life to ensure you truly lead the way to a more just world. This session will address the common misperceptions, miscommunications and mistakes made with the best of intentions.

  • Know the current terms, definitions and phrases related to social justice

  • Bring to the surface why honest conversations around this topic are challenging

  • Share feelings towards when, where and how to be a change agent

  • Know strategies for having difficult conversations

Keep the Conversation Going: Facilitation Skills and Phrases That Work

Competencies: Facilitation and Listening

Nancy Hunter Denney

Whether a professional or student, the ability to generate conversation, handle group/staff disagreements, solicit feedback, push back when appropriate and encourage descending opinions is a necessary leadership trait that will set you apart from others. This practical and to-the-point session presents strategies for better controlling, leading and facilitating meetings, discussions and presentations.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Appreciate the value in being an engage facilitator

  • Know particular phrases and approaches to encourage or re-direct discussion

  • Understand the value in the physical set up & use of non-verbals

  • Practice non-defensive push-back responses

Employability Skills & Salary Negotiation Strategies

Competencies: Appropriate Interaction and Conflict Negotiation

Chelsea Williams

Employers seek individuals who exhibit strong employability, academic, and technological skills to drive business productivity and growth. This workshop will highlight in-demand employability skills* for today’s workforce and showcase practical ways to build skills that will propel career success. Although time is short, we will also consider the best strategies for negotiating benefits and salary. All levels of experience welcome!

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn the core employability skills and competencies sought by global employers 

  • Discover employability skills gaps and gain best practices to support professional development 

  • Understand what NOT to say during salary negotiations

So, Now You’re the Boss: Supervisor Skills for Success Teams (Co-Presented with Dr. Lucy Croft)

Competencies:  Supervision and Collaboration

Naureen O’Neale and Dr. Lucy Croft

Leaders are also in roles of “supervision.” Whether an undergraduate, graduate student or professional staff member, knowing how to nurture people by influencing their behavior and helping them to positively make decisions will lead to successful and innovative teams. Great supervisors are hyper-observant and have a keen sense of responsiveness. Come and discover why others will follow your lead!

Learning Outcomes

  • Know the key traits of a successful leader and supervisor

  • Identify desirable traits of productive team players

  • Know strategies for creating the most dynamic environment for your employees/supervisees

Career Lab 4 - Thriving as a Team: Moving from ME to WE!

Competencies:  Collaboration and Conflict Negotiation

Dr. Jermaine M. Davis

Collaboration is working together as a team to achieve a common goal. Sounds simple right? But most collaborations fail before they start. Teams that learn how to collaborate significantly reduce team burnout, disengagement, and stress. Come have fun as you learn how to move from ME to WE.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Resolve collaborative conflicts using a 3-step process

  • Manage the four barriers to collaboration and team effectiveness

  • Regroup and refocus as a team using the P.V.G. Theory and Approach

  • Recognize and repair team breakdowns with Empathic Communication and Cognitive Complexity

Professional Track 4 (Application) - Overcoming Resistance: Giving Feedback Effectively

Competencies: Verbal Communication and Providing Feedback

Michael Miller

When you appropriately and justifiably challenge a student’s behavior are you experiencing more push back then ever before? This session approaches giving feedback to student leaders and colleagues in a manner that allows them to "hear" it in the well-meaning way you intend it! Phrases for responding to “resistance” and strategies to help you feel more confident in sharing expectations related to others' performance and behaviors rounds out this experiential program. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Improve your educator position by helping student leaders be their best

  • Identify your resistance and history with offering constructive feedback

  • Know the data on today's students and how they best "hear" feedback

  • Be able to put into practice effective communication tools

Professional Track 4 (Innovation) - What’s Behind Your Smile (Sheet)?  Efficiently Moving Beyond Satisfaction Surveys

Breakout Session Block 4
Friday, Nov. 1, 3:00 PM – 3:45 PM

Comptencies: Evaluation and Analysis

Dr. David Rosch

Assessing and evaluating the impact of your work is more difficult than asking students if they learned anything and enjoyed their experience — or is it?  Come to this surprisingly engaging session to learn “the least you need to know” for quickly and efficiently measuring the impact of your advising.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand basic assessment principles applied in the busy world of student leadership programming. 

  • Reflect on “the one big thing” whose impact they care about in their work.

  • Develop a plan for efficiently and rigorously assessing and evaluating their “one big thing.”

Breakout Session Block 5 - Engage & Evolve
4:00 PM – 4:45 PM

Motivating the Masses: The Secrets of Inspirational Leaders

Competencies: Empowerment and Motivation

Curtis Hill

Leadership is a process of transformation through inspiration.  Great leaders are self-motivated with the required skills to inspire others. Learn how to encourage action and excellence in yourself and others (i.e. family, friends, and associates) regardless of the circumstances.  

Learning Outcomes:

  • Personalize your approach to motivating others

  • Learn 3 strategies for motivating group members and entire teams

  • Identify how to create environments of influence and inspiration

Career Track 5 - Employability Skills & Salary Negotiation Strategies

Competencies: Appropriate Interaction and Conflict Negotiation

Chelsea Williams

Employers seek individuals who exhibit strong employability, academic, and technological skills to drive business productivity and growth. This workshop will highlight in-demand employability skills* for today’s workforce and showcase practical ways to build skills that will propel career success. Although time is short, we will also consider the best strategies for negotiating benefits and salary. All levels of experience welcome!

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn the core employability skills and competencies sought by global employers 

  • Discover employability skills gaps and gain best practices to support professional development 

  • Understand what NOT to say during salary negotiations

From Friends to Family: Leveraging Your Network Beyond E-Board Meetings

Breakout Session Block 5 - Engage & Evolve
Friday, Nov. 1, 4:00 PM – 4:45 PM

Competencies: Appropriate Interaction and Productive Relationships

Melissa Ruiz

Have you heard the phrase, "Your Network = Your Networth"? While true, sometimes your network is the group of people you select in life that has your back in a way that your family cannot. Uncovering where influence comes from in your life and how it affects your contributions in the world is a launching pad for creating long-lasting relationships in life.  There will also be an opportunity to share on the spot gratitude!

Learning Outcomes:

  • Create a list of characteristics they need in their support system, their "tribe"

  • Reflect on the most influential people in your life (good and bad)

  • Disclose why some people need to stay or be removed from your network

Money Management For Leaders (Repeat Session)

Competencies:  Plan and Self-Understanding

Pater Bielagus

Do you have a good relationship with your finances?  Do you even know what "assets" and "debt" you carry?  Money management is an essential leadership skill demonstrating your ability to be accountable, control stress, and direct and plan your future success.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Know the two most important numbers when it comes to student loans

  • Create a personal spending plan

  • Be able to apply strategies for improving your current credit score

  • Define "money management"

  • Accurately assess personal relationship with money

7 Highly Effective Habits of Leaders of the New Generation

Breakout Session Block 5 - Engage & Evolve

Friday, Nov. 1, 4:00 PM – 4:45 PM

Competencies: Scope of Competence and Excellence

Kelvin Harris

Effective leadership often results from less visible qualities and habits consistently applied. Rarely does a “one-size-fits-all” approach to leadership get the job done because it ignores the significance of context. However, research finds when leaders are focused on being effective, their good habits trickle down to their teams.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify seven key habits of highly effective leaders

  • Further your understanding on habits that are not effective

  • Process and reflect on your own leadership journey

  • Commit to developing more effective habits

Professional Track 5 (Application) - Creating an Intellectually Supportive Environment for Teaching Leadership

Competency: Empowerment

Sadhana Hall

This session focuses on what educators need to do to create a more intellectually supportive environment to teach leadership.  Participants will learn the characteristics of intellectually supportive environments, and discuss related tips and recommended methodologies to create such an environment.

Professional Track 5 (Innovation) - Using Your Assessment Data to Change the World (or Your Office)

Competencies: Evaluation and Analysis

Dr. David Rosch

Have you put a general plan in place to assess your work?  Are you drowning in data and have little idea what to do with it?  This session will focus on building a plan to efficiently make meaning of your data and leverage your work – into improving your services and productively branding your impact. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn fundamental methods for analyzing quantitative and qualitative data for basic assessment purposes.

  • Discuss potential options for analyzing their own assessment data in efficient ways.

  • Begin to develop a plan for communicating findings in “sticky” ways to external audiences.

Engaging Conversations
5:00PM – 6:00 PM

Competencies: Refer to the topical areas below.

What a shame it would be to not share the talents and interests of like minded individuals.  Engaging Conversations are facilitated conversations by The Faculty based upon YOUR interests.  What do want to talk about? Select whichever topic appeals to you and go to that designated room listed on your schedule.  Small group discussions can be as intimate or general as you desire, and are designed to be informal.

Topical areas are facilitated by relevant experts:

  • Becoming an Entrepreneur - Peter Bielagus [Competencies: Decision Making and Mission]

  • Starting a Non-Profit or Foundation - Dr. Kelvin Harris [Competencies: Helping Others and Appropriate Interaction]

  • Leading as an Introvert - Dr. Ken Brill [Competencies: Appropriate Interaction and Other's Contributions]

  • Better Self-Care & Work Life Balance - Melissa Ruiz [Competencies: Self-Development and Appropriate Interaction]

  • Program Design (for professionals only) - Dr. Corey Seemiller and Dr. Kathy Guthrie [Competencies: Others' Circumstances and Plan]

  • Social Justice - Rev. Dr. Jamie Washington [Competencies: Social Justice and Appropriate Interaction]

Complimentary Transportation to City Walk
6:30 PM – 11:00 PM

You're in Orlando... time to have some fun!  As a courtesy, transportation is provided to University Studio's City Walk right down the road - 4 miles away - or you can "Uber" it.  The shuttle runs continuously starting at 6:30 PM from the transportation dock at the hotel to a designated drop off/pick up location.  The last bus departs City Walk at 11:00 PM.  Conference attendees are responsible for your own transportation and the shuttle bus is provided only as a courtesy.

Nov. 2 [Day 3 - Evolve]

Breakout Session Block 7 - Evolve
9:00 AM – 10:30 AM (These are extended session offerings.)

Career Lab 7 - Brand You! Discover and Communicate Values for Career Success

Chelsea Williams

Competencies: Values and Verbal Communication

Founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, said it best, your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room. This interactive breakout session will identify 5 ways to build and maintain personal brand by assessing values. Clarity on values helps make more intentional decisions and ultimately, leads to a more fulfilled life. During the session, students will explore their values as a tool in shaping their personal brand. The session will also focus on effectively communicating with peers who share different values in order to create more inclusive clubs and organizations.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Discover and identify why values are important and what it means to live in alignment of values 

  • Consider identity, experiences, and goals and how values may align with past experiences and future desires

  • Uncover the power that lies in individuals, groups, and organizations identifying and committing to shared values

Managing Unconscious Biases: The Chaos of Diversity and Inclusion

Breakout Session Block 7 - Evolve
Saturday, Nov. 2, 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM (These are extended session offerings.)

Competency: Diversity and Others’ Circumstances

Curtis Hill

Leading with a diverse lens goes well beyond being "compliant" and support of affirmative action;  being INCLUSIVE is the key.  Having awareness, respect and true appreciation for those you lead will be explored in this session while challenging your racial stereotypes and their origins. Strategies for building inclusive organizations where people from diverse backgrounds work together for a common purpose will also be shared in this very engaging and authentic exchange.  

Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop insight and understanding of your story and how it shapes your racial lens.

  • Understanding of how racial stereotypes impact your learning.

  • Identify the underlying hidden messages that increase tension among diverse individuals.

Giving It a Try: How to Create a Vision for Your Future

Breakout Session Block 7 - Evolve
Saturday, Nov. 2, 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM (These are extended session offerings.)

Competencies: Vision and Writing

Melissa Ruiz

Deciding to do something is huge step. But before making that decision, does it fit with your values and vision as a leader and, more importantly, global citizen? In this session, you will learn how to create a vision statement that will assist you in life, on campus and off. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Discover values that inform how they set goals

  • Create a goal setting strategy

  • Pick and outline a goal on which they can take immediate action

  • Create a "future-casting" journal entry of what life will look like when a particular goal is achieved

The Business of Your Life

Competencies: Scope of Competence and Plan

Peter Bielagus

If your life were a business, would YOU invest in you?  As the CEO of your life, would you "fire" you?  Former financial planner Peter Bielagus will show you in a fun and energetic manner how to view your life through a business lens.  What are your assets?  What are your liabilities? 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identification of a personal balance sheet

  • Knowledge of your life's "income statement"

  • Draft of a personal life business plan

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership: Starts with You

Competencies: Scope of Competence and Self-Understanding

Heidi Shepard

Breakout Session Block 7 - Evolve
Saturday, Nov. 2, 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM (These are extended session offerings.)

Emotions are everywhere. We're all feeling them, watching them play out in others, and navigating situations influenced by them. As leaders, how can we become more self-aware and recognize what motivates us? How can we tap into the emotions of those around us to inspire and empower? In this interactive session we will talk about ways in which an emotionally intelligent approach to leadership can help you engage those around you! 

Learning outcomes:

  • Define emotional intelligence 

  • Demonstrate an understanding of consciousness of self 

  • Learn how to identify emotional intelligence in leadership roles

Professional Track 7 (Application) - Creating Connection in a Disconnected World

Saturday, Nov. 2, 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM (These are extended session offerings.)

Dr. Corey Seemiller

Competencies: Productive Relationships and Reflection and Application

Description:  Despite having friends, followers, and connections online, Generation Z students (born 1995-2010) are still craving face-to-face interpersonal connection.  How can we as educators, advisors, and professionals help guide this generational cohort in creating authentic and meaningful offline relationships in college? 

  • Participants will understand Generation Z's behavior as it relates to on and offline connection. 

  • Participants will understand key strategies for helping Generation Z students develop meaningful offline interpersonal connections.

  • Participants will be able to devise specific actions they can employ to help their students foster offline interpersonal connections.

Professional 7 (Innovation) - Using Innovative Techniques to Teach Leadership

Sadhana Hall

Competencies: Idea Generation and Problem-Solving

This session begins with a discussion of what innovation means within the context of teaching leadership and why it's important in today's world.  The definition of "innovation" is followed by design thinking techniques applied to self-identified problems and leadership programs, concluding with a selection of techniques to incorporate in your leadership programs. 

Breakout Session Block 8 - Evolve
10:45 AM – 11:45 AM

From Awareness to Action: Creating Real Social Justice Change

Competencies: Social Justice and Productive Relationships

Rev. Dr. Jamie Washington

Many folks are struggling with how to be effective change agents.  It's easy to call someone out because they don't see the world the way we do, but are we willing to do the work required to build relationships across difference so that change can occur?  This session will help the next generation of leaders (i.e. YOU) build capacity for social justice change. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Be able to create learning organizations and communities

  • Manage yourself in "triggering" moments

  • Build skills for developing relationships based on finding common ground

Leading in a Diverse World

Breakout Session Block 8 - Evolve
Saturday, Nov. 2, 10:45 AM – 11:45 AM

Competencies: Other’s Circumstances and Diversity

Sara Lowery

Is it true what they say; to lead (and follow) in a diverse would most of us will have to unlearn our "deeply held beliefs about society, self and social relations?” Attend this session to be challenged on how you look at diverse issues, and learn how to navigate through them using productive discussion, reconciliation and acknowledgement of our mistakes. It’s true; we all get wrong at times!

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identification of personal biases and ignorance

  • Discovery of perception influencers

  • Strategies for engaging in constructive dialogue

Chaos or Control:  Organizational and Self-Management Strategies

Competencies:  Goals and Evaluation

Dr. Jermaine M. Davis

When is too much too much? If your lack of organization is negatively influencing your ability to have your environment support your personal and leadership goals, this session on building your capacity for enhanced organization strategies is necessary.

Learning Outcomes:

·       Identification of obstacles to goal achievement

·       Knowledge of strategies for priority setting

·       Advanced awareness to required adjustments in your daily routine

Career Lab 8 - Shaking Hands and Kissing Babies: Network Like a Boss

James Robilotta

Competencies: Verbal Communication and Appropriate Interaction

Is it true it's more about "who you know than what you know" when it comes to job searching?  While true, talking about how to engage in networking conversations will prevent missing out on opportunities right before your eyes.  The art of "small talk" is less practiced because most college students use social media to communicate.  However, those hiring decision makers still value good old fashion conversations. 

Learning Outcomes:

·       Learn how to initiate meaningful conversations promoting memorability

·       Recognize the significance of refined social skills for productive conversations

·       Contrast the difference between introverts and extroverts around networking

STUDENT SHOWCASE - Buena Vista University’s Student Senate

Competencies: Appropriate Interaction and Creating Change

Please join BVU Student Senate representatives as we share insights into making change happen.  Whether it is through little acts of kindness or grand events and programs, we recognize the intentionality of delivery impacts the outcomes and overall satisfaction of the participants.

This showcase is designed for participants to learn from our experience while creating an environment for open discussion and idea exchange. 

Professional Track 8 (Application) - The Measurement of Student Leadership

Breakout Session Block 8 - Evolve
Saturday, Nov. 2, 10:45 AM – 11:45 AM

Competencies: Evaluation and Analysis

Dr. Lucy Croft

Program Description: When do we know a student is a leader? How do we validate that student has gained skills in leadership?  When do we know a student is ready for a leadership position?  Answering these and other questions related to leadership assessment is no easy task. The answers to these questions will be addressed during this practical session designed to introduce participants to various ways to measure the development of a student leader.  Participants will explore the use of rubrics, competency guides, and assessment inventories based on the literature and promising practices and establish a list of resources that can be immediately utilized on their campuses.  

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify the challenges associated with leadership assessment

  • Define the learning assessment cycle

  • Articulate the components of an effective learning outcomes

  • Establish resources for assessment & evaluation

  • Develop a list of peers for future networking  

Professional Track 8 (Innovation) - Transformative Programs: Focusing on Identity, Capacity, and Efficacy

 Dr. Kathy Guthrie

Competencies: Diversity and Others' Contributions

As educators, we strive to create leadership learning opportunities that are transformative. It is a challenge to create such opportunities that are relevant to diverse populations. This session will explore the Culturally Relevant Leadership Learning framework and how focusing on identity, capacity, and efficacy can create learning opportunities that can be transformative.

11:45 AM – 12:45 PM

Breakout Session Block 9 - Problem Solving Applied to Real Life and Leadership
1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Competencies: Problem-Solving and the competency listed next to the topic.

The final workshop block of Lead365 focuses on the application of a simple problem solving model presented by two facilitators in 15 minutes. Each group (or individual if not wanting to work in small groups) then identifies a real life situation (i.e. problem) and begins applying the problem solving model. Once solutions and paths moving forward have been identified, others will “critique” or “compliment” the ideas. There will also be opportunities for offering additional suggestions and recommendations to assist others in solving their problem. Five general “problem categories” are identified below.

  • Living and Leading in a Just World - Facilitated by Rev. Dr. Jamie Washington and Ken Brill [Social Justice]

  • Figuring Out Your Future - Facilitated by Chelsea Williams and Peter Bielagus [Plan]

  • Living With or Leading Those You Dislike - Facilitated by Michael Miller and Jennifer Yawson [Positive Attitude]

  • When Procrastination Overrides Purpose - Facilitated by Dr. Lucy Croft and Melissa Ruiz [Responsibility for Personal Behavior]

  • Responding to Critical Questions on the Horizon of Leadership Education - FOR PROFESSIONALS ONLY - Facilitated by Dr. Corey Seemiller, Dr. David Rosch, Dr. Kathy Guthrie and Ms. Sadhana Hall [Analysis]

Closing Keynote and Celebraton
2:15 PM – 3:30 PM

A Think Back video highlights the previous three days of transformation and good times.  The Lead365 National Award (with a $500 cash prize) is presented by Foundation President Dr. Susan Salvador to an outstanding professional or undergraduate.  Sponsors are thanked (of course) and a Good Bye video from The Faculty closes out the program.  Distribution of Certificates of Completion (suitable for framing) and an appropriate send off concludes what promises to have been an amazing growth and learning experience for undergraduates, graduate students, leadership educators and new professionals.

But, that’s not all… The real treat is this year’s keynote speaker. Yannik Mckie

KEYNOTE: The Evolution of Purpose

Special Guest: Yannik Mckie

As a leader, what makes you special? What makes the leadership skills you bring to the table unique? What we experience in life makes us all different and it is our leadership responsibility to use that "difference" to positively impact our community. One of the true measures of a leader is the ability to overcome challenges & use the difficult lessons learned in the trenches of life to mentor & make others their best! Yannik will weave powerful leadership principles into his captivating story, demonstrating how the challenges you face can be transformed into purpose & growth for others.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify & eliminate the causes of mental distractions

  • Learn to increase leadership impact with techniques that increase passion & optimize performance

  • Develop specific ways that "My Difference" can positively impact the community

  • Discuss the importance of using personal stories of pain to ignite hope & trust in those we lead

Good Byes
3:30 PM – 4:00 PM