Lead365 National Award


The Lead365 National Award

Award Amount: $500.00 Cash Prize

This honor will be given to an undergraduate, graduate student, professional staff member, new professional or faculty member, who demonstrates an enormous capacity for making a difference, and has shown the courage and vision to actively advocate for positive change and productive contributions to the workplace.

There are many ways to make a difference. The nominee should be an example of what it means to “explore, engage, and evolve.” The recipient believes in an idea or project and helps others see that it can be done, in spite of obstacles. Whether on campus or in the community, this individual inspires others to be agents of change, personally leads by example, and is committed to continually improving his or her leadership competencies. Because of this nominee, something very tangible has changed or is changing.

Whether it’s a changed social condition, new program created, increased group engagement, student activism/ empowerment, or community support, what has happened would not have been possible if not for this individual’s leadership,

2017 Award Recipient Jacob McLean

2017 Award Recipient Jacob McLean


Nomination Procedure:

  • Complete the Lead365 National Award Nomination Form

  • Submit with the nomination form a short video (which can be taken on a cell phone) that demonstrates how others feel about the nominee and what he or she has done to be deserving of this award.  You can simply take a selfie of you describing this leader’s influence on you, interview others impacted by his or her difference, capture a visual of how the nominee’s life and leadership exemplifies our theme of explore, engage and evolve.


  • Minimum 2.8 GPA (Undergraduate)

  • Proof of current enrollment, employment or position

  • Nominator ensures student’s attendance at the LEAD365 2019 National Conference (Oct. 31 - Nov. 2). [If you have questions about what this means, please contact the Foundation President, Dr. Susan Salvador at foundation@lead365.org. 

Deadline for the 2019 Award is October 1, 2019

2019 Student Leader of the Year Award:  Sean Tolbert, Oklahoma State University and Corvias Foundation Scholar

2019 Student Leader of the Year Award: Sean Tolbert, Oklahoma State University and Corvias Foundation Scholar