John Dugan, Ph.D

Dr. John Dugan is an associate professor specializing in Leadership Development; Human Development & Capacity Building; Critical Pedagogy; and Social Justice. He began his academic career at Loyola University Chicago in 2007 after working full-time administrative positions in higher education at the University of Maryland and University of Nevada Las Vegas.

Dr. Dugan’s research agenda focuses on deepening the understanding of leadership development particularly through the infusion of perspectives derived from critical social theory. The two active research projects supporting his scholarly interests include The Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership – a quantitative, international research program that has collected data at more than 350 colleges and universities in five countries with data representing over 500,000 respondents. The second project is a qualitative, longitudinal study that employs both critical narrative and phenomenological methods to understand the influences of identity and power on leadership for social justice.

Dr. Dugan’s teaching philosophy mirrors the values that undergird my research agenda and is predicated on the belief that the most powerful learning environments are those that are reciprocal, characterized by shared responsibility, where knowledge is mutually constructed, and that cultivate capacities for critical learning.

Dr. Dugan earned his Ph.D and M.Ed from the University of Maryland, College Park. He attended John Carroll University in Ohio where he earned his undergraduate degree.

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