Dr. Corey Seemiller


Her research is leading edge making Corey’s presentations literally “ahead of their time!”  As the author of numerous books, including The Student Leadership Competencies Guidebook and Generation Z Goes to College, available through Jossey-Bass, this researcher, practitioner, professor and leadership educator brings a wealth of advanced content to the field of leadership development in America.  Dr. Seemiller’s topical areas include:  the foundations of leadership, global leadership, organizational leadership, critical perspectives on leadership, leadership strategies, social justice leadership, and leadership for social change.

Dr. Seemiller currently serves as an Assistant Professor in Organizational Leadership at Wright State University. She was formerly the Director of Leadership, Learning, and Assessment for OrgSync assisting OrgSync campus partners with designing leadership and involvement assessment projects as well as engaging in research initiatives related to leadership, involvement, and student success. Prior to that role, Dr. Seemiller served as the Director of Leadership Programs at the University of Arizona overseeing more than 3000 participants in 10 leadership programs including the Arizona Blue Chip Program and the National Collegiate Leadership Conference.