Why a Lead365 Badge Matters

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What does this badge represent?

If you are seeking a greater understanding about the individual who directed you to this page, it is our honor to provide the context from which this electronic badge was issued. This badge was issue to any registered participant of the Lead365 National Conference held November 1 - 3, 2018 at the Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando, Florida. A majority of the attendees consist of the top leadership positions held on a college campus such as student government officers, honor society members and leadership scholarship recipients.

The curriculum for undergraduates included the following:

  • 35 competency based workshops

  • 7 career labs

  • 2 facilitated networking experiences

  • 1 engaging conversations attended by topic of interest

  • 10 Lead365Talks by professional speakers

  • 5 unstructured meals with no keynotes to encourage networking

  • continual journaling encouragement in complimentary competency journals

The curriculum for graduate students and professionals included the following:

  • 14 professional-only sessions focused on “application” or “innovation”

  • presentations given by the current authors and researchers in leadership education

  • intimate networking opportunity with the entire conference “faculty”

  • the opportunity to attend and “evaluate” professional speaker sessions for programming and delivery examples

  • the opportunity to consider a competency-based leadership training and its program design to replicate back on campus

How this conference experience is different than other leadership conferences:

  • a majority of presentations are given by a select group of nationally recognized professional speakers who stay “in residence” for three days

  • additional presentations are given by practitioners and leadership educators with recently released books based on their current research

  • the curriculum is based on the competency research by Dr. Corey Seemiller in The Student Leadership Competencies Guidebook (Jossey-Bass).

  • all programs are identified with learning outcomes connected to an identified competency

  • significant attention was given to the concerns expressed by employers around the shortcomings of recent graduates

  • there is an expectation of engagement and reflection

  • the conference is based on “best practices” of the founder over 35 years attending leadership conferences

Still curious?

As a speaker at Lead365 you agree to a clearly articulated set of expectations unlike other conference appearances. There is significant advance communication between the conference and speakers to ensure a matching of their sessions to specific competencies. The speakers also agree to avoid doing “canned” programs, rather honor the sophistication and experience of attendees. The expectation is for content-rich take aways and practical training around the most requested competencies by employers.

To get a complete look at the program offerings, refer the PROGRAM DESCRIPTIONS BY SPEAKERS.

To speak directly to the executive director, please contact:

Nancy Hunter Denney (508-864-4027) or nhd@lead365.org