Lead365 National Conference Mission

Our mission is simple.  We seek to create a premier collegiate leadership conference that develops “even more awesome” student leaders and professionals.  This is not a "rah rah how to" conference.  Whether a college student, graduate student, new professional or leadership educator, you are exposed to top national speakers and researchers who skillfully present a well-defined and engaging curriculum founded on a trend setting program design and the competency development work of Dr. Corey Seemiller, author of The Student Leadership Competencies Guidebook (Jossey-Bass). 

The Lead365 National Conference curriculum focuses on individual competency and aptitude growth, leadership knowledge, entrepreneurship, workforce preparedness, new professional understandings, and enhanced skill building.  We'd like to believe our design is not "too basic or elementary" rather appealing to the sophisticated leaders and professionals of today.

We believe all college students interested in developing their leadership potential should have access to the highest quality national conference experiences (at a responsible cost) with continuing resources and support.  We believe professionals who work with college students and are new to the workforce are deserving of a unique program track. 

What's new this year?  Glad you asked.  We've revised the "new professionals institute" hence it is called the New Professional’s Institute 2.0 and runs from 1 pm to 4 pm on the opening day. This year we are also partnering with NSLS to offer every attendee a complimentary online community to offer continual growth opportunities throughout the year.  Scholarship funds continue to be available to financially support individuals who normally would not be afforded such an opportunity.


Guiding Principles

The Lead365 National Conference is guided by the following principles:



Lead365 partners with existing national associations, programs, educators, colleges, corporations and individuals dedicated to providing leadership training opportunities, workplace preparation and resources to college students and new professionals.  Our approach is to support and learn from those with complimentary missions.


Lead365 responds to current trends, research, conversations and practices in leadership education and workplace preparedness on the national level including the use of competency-based approaches. The entire program design (from the selection of speakers to how lunch is served) attempts to be responsive to participant needs and characteristics, workplace demands and evaluations from previous conferences.  


Lead365 is committed to developing the leadership capacity of attendees so they can better serve all of humanity through their service, civic engagement, entrepreneurialism, volunteerism, professionalism, and appreciation for social justice. Lead365 is also committed to developing future leaders and new professionals who will thrive in any workplace environment, business and non-profit organization.