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A letter from our Founder

Dear Friend,

It is my distinct honor to introduce you to the vision of Lead365, LLC (referred to as Lead365) and invite your participation in the empowerment of collegiate leaders equipped to enter the workforce and serve humanity. To achieve this goal, a well-intentioned group of leadership educators, professional speakers, practitioners, national associations, businesses and like-minded organizations collaborated to support Lead365’s number one initiative—the Lead365 National Conference.

Hosted once a year in Orlando, the Lead365 National Conference is dedicated to offering a premier conference experience for both undergraduates and professionals dedicated to their success. The inaugural conference in March 2015 was a huge success and set a new national standard for conferences solely focused on preparing leaders ready to serve in the 21st Century. From an innovative format of curriculum instruction around the theme “Explore, Engage, Evolve” to a professional track intended to provide valuable tools for those working with collegiate leaders, the Lead365 National Conference promises to attract more and more undergraduates, graduate students and professionals. But, we need your help!

Please join me, our distinguished board of directors, dedicated staff, interns and partners in building the Lead365 National Conference, as well as other initiatives of Lead365, LLC. Your input is always welcome in how we can best serve collegiate leaders and those dedicated to their success.


nhdphotoNancy Hunter Denney
Executive Director, Lead365, LLC
Office: 781.709.3533
Cell: 508.864.4027




How can you make a difference?


  • Make a financial contribution directly to Lead365, LLC at one of the four designated sponsorship levels listed below.
  • Make a tax-deductible financial contribution directly to the Lead365 Foundation to support educational initiatives, scholarships and conference enhancements.
  • Make a contribution for items listed in the “Thinking Outside of the Box” at the bottom of the page.


Sponsorship Levels

Conference Program Logo Placement o o o o
Attendee Folder Logo Placement  o  o  o  o
2 Complementary Conference Registrations    o  o
Conference Welcome Banner Placement    o  o
Exhibit Table During the Conference    o  o
Quarter-Page Ad in the Conference Program  o    
Half-Page Ad in the Conference Program      
Full-Page Ad in the Conference Program      
Recognition During Conference Opening & Closing      o
Distribution of Marketing Materials to all Attendees o o o
Master Conference Registration Mailing List Access    o
Social Media Marketing of Company Prior to Conference o o
Choice of item(s) on “Sponsor’s Choice List” o o o
Cost $500.00 $2,000.00 $5,000.00 $20,000+

Thinking Outside of the Box


There are many ways to support the Lead365 mission. Not all of which involve writing a check. Consider theless traditional ways offered below. A value for the item will be mutually agreed upon and then a sponsorship level assigned.


  • Providing scholarships through your business or foundation with a direct link from the conference website to your website.

  • Directly sponsoring one of Sponsor Choice items on the last page.
  • Providing already produced promotional products with your logo like notebooks, journals, writing implements, writing pads, water bottles, name badges and so on.
  • Providing a gift to all conference registrants.
  • Sponsoring the cost of student interns in the Boston office.
  • Providing travel gift certificates, airline miles or gift cards.
  • Including the Lead365 National Conference logo on your website.
  • Assisting in marketing the conference through your social media outlets or at your programs/events.

 CLICK HERE to Download the full Sponsorship Packet

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