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Speakers Network

If you are a professional speaker, practitioner/faculty member who is compensated for speaking, or considered an expert in your field, you are invited to be listed in the Lead365 Speakers Network. This service is not available to undergraduates or graduate students at this time.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Being listed on the Speakers Network is not synonymous with endorsement from Lead365 and/or any of our associates and partners.
  2. We reserve the right to remove your listing from the Lead365 Speakers Network for the following reasons:
    • Misrepresentation on your application and/or profile for Speakers Network
    • Misrepresenting your relationship to Lead365
    • Illegal conduct or conduct inconsistent with the mission of Lead365, which is determined at the discretion of the executive director
    • Failure to pay the annual subscription fee
    • Failure to keep posted material consistent with the speaker’s most up-to-date offerings
  3. The length of posting on the Speakers Network is 12 months from the date of posting and will be automatically renewed at the end of 12 months (unless Lead365 is notified to cancel subscription prior to the renewal date). To cancel please contact
  4. The annual subscription fee is $99 per year; all new additions to the network will also be subject to a one-time setup fee of $24.
    Payment Options

    1. Checks made payable to Lead365 can be mailed to:
      Lead365, LLC
      8 Faneuil Hall, Suite 320
      Boston, MA 02109
    2. Credit card payments can be made over the phone by calling 781-790-3553. Please note, we can accept all forms of credit card payment except American Express.
  5. Listings will not appear until payment is received.
  6. The information for sorting functions and required for your listing include the following:
    • Speaker Name
    • Top Three Topics/Areas of Expertise
    • Website
    • Phone Number
    • Fee Category ($5000+), ($2500-$4999), or ($1000-$2499)
    • YouTube Link
    • Scope of Offerings (Workshop, Keynote, etc.)
  7. We reserve the right to use your information to market the Speakers Network  (including photos, quotes, names and testimonials) and grow the network base.

Please complete the form below and remember to attach a headshot photo of at least 500 pixels in height or width. A photo is required to be listed.