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The Leadership Library

As noted in “The Leadership Challenge,” the best leaders are the best learners. What have you read lately that pertains to leadership, service to others and self-development? Is it listed below or should we add it to the library?

  • A Social Change Model of Leadership Development 
by the Higher Education Research Institute (available through the National Clearinghouse for Leadership Programs)
  • Exploring Leadership: For College Students Who Want to Make a Difference 
by Susan Komives, Nance Lucas and Tim McMahon
  • Leadership: Theory & Practice (4th ed.) 
by Peter Northouse
  • Leading with Soul 
by Lee Bolman and Terrence Deal
  • The Leadership Challenge 
by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner
  • The Leadership Experience 
by Richard Daft
  • The Leader’s Companion: Insights on Leadership through the Ages. 
by Thomas Wren
  • The Leadership Challenge 
by Kouzes and Posner
  • Wisdom Along the Way by Nancy Hunter Denney and Friends
  • Zing! 21 Insights on Maximizing Your Influence by Nancy Hunter Denney