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Why Attend the Lead365 National Conference?


It takes time, money and energy to attend a national conference.  Whether an undergraduate, graduate student or professional staff member, we want you to get the BEST VALUE FOR YOUR TIME AND MONEY.   Here’s why it will all be worth it!

Unknown-4The Lead365 National Conference is value packed.  Instead of quick workshops, early mornings and late nights, the conference schedule is intentionally intense offering a total of 35 educational sessions across 21 hours of programming over 3 days for undergraduates and 14 session offerings for professionals and graduate students. Within the 35  workshop offerings for undergraduates are 7 Lead365CareerLabs.  These are more practical and experiential style programs designed to assist in your career preparedness.

The presenters are either FULL TIME PROFESSIONAL SPEAKERS who remain all 3 days (no other conference offers this) or  seasoned researchers, leadership educators or practitioners nationally recognized for their original content and effective style of delivery.


  • Program offerings are presented in a solid “thematic flow” representing the most current research on the developmental process of learning leadership:  Explore covers the “knowing” component, Engage covers the “effective practice” component, and Evolve covers the “application to society” component.  Weaved throughout the schedule, participants can pick and choose the topics most relevant to their needs.  For a complete description of the undergraduate program offerings CLICK HERE.
  • The professional and graduate student track offers true “professional development” focusing on four core topical areas:  Challenging conceptions, integration and design, forging networks and skill development. For a complete description of the professional offerings CLICK HERE
  • Networking and interactive experiences provide numerous opportunities for participants to learn from one another, share effective practices and consider new solutions to exiting challenges. No distracting keynotes over meals!
  • Every program offering is developed and delivered with specific learning outcomes.
  • All participants receive a “Certificate of Completion” to be used as evidence of conference attendance.Unknown-9
  • The conference location offers state of the art amenities and an extensive tubing river compliments the swimming pool area.  It’s a short 8 minute hop over to Universal Studio’s City Walk – free of charge. Discounted tickets are available to conference participants.  This is Halloween Hallow at Universal so special tickets are needed for evening admission.
  • The conference schedule allows for a voluntary “retreat day” on Sunday for participants desiring to take less expensive flights out on Monday morning and use the free day to process their conference experience and plan for the months ahead.  And yes, it’s a good day to go the the parks!