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General Sessions


Lead365 Opening Session

What does it mean to “explore, engage and evolve?”  These three words represent the sequence, content and energy presented in a high-tech and highly interactive conference kick-off.   You will feel the unique energy of Lead365 while being introduced to the powerful conference theme and a national treasure house of practitioners, researchers and professional speakers called “The Faculty.”  More about this opening session will be added in the weeks ahead.

Welcome Reception Outdoor Patio

Sunshine, smiles and conversation awaits you at the Opening Reception/Dinner. Don’t worry about dinner, this heavy reception gets the job done while allowing you to continue getting to know other conference goers and faculty members.  This is a wonderful opportunity to network, exchanges contact information and enjoy the beautiful Orlando sunshine.                                       

Lead365TALKS – Round One  

FOCUS:  “Learning to Laugh at Life” [How embarrassing or silly moments can have positive outcomes in your life and leadership.]

In a creative presentation format, six members of The Faculty who are full-time professional speakers will offer in 12 minutes or less a condensed speech intended to offer a “snap shot” of who they are as a speaker while sharing a significant leadership message. This is a dynamic way to meet your full time professional speakers while introducing the first segment of the conference;  EXPLORE.  Facilitated by Dr. Chuck Lloyd.

Featured Speakers:


Peter Bielagus

Dr. Jermaine M. Davis

                                        Dr. Josie Ahlquist

                                        Michael Miller

                                        Tish Norman

                                        Tom Kreiglstein

Networking Experience

Digital Team Building: Increasing Communication, Collaboration and Camaraderie

Skilled professional speaker and facilitator Hoan Do, will unleash the connection potential of all conference participants;  undergraduates, graduate students and professionals in this opening evening team building experience that uses “technology and adventure to create breakthroughs and results.” Throughout the evening, you will have fun forming new friendships while learning practical strategies that will help you to become a more effective communicator and leader.  

What is “Digital Team Building?”  It is a unique team building experience that incorporates technology to navigate teams through an obstacle course of virtual, physical and cerebral challenges that get participant’s minds and bodies moving.

This activity is powered by…


Student Workshop Showcase



8:00am – 8:50am


Make it Happen:  Strategic Planning that Gets Results


For years, Adams State’s Student Government has organized a strategic plan at the beginning of each year. More than simply devising a set of goals for the year, Associated Students and Faculty’s Strategic Plan is a model for groups to design and implement goals and initiatives which align with institutional ambitions and competent outcomes. This plan is an extensive model which allows teams to bond through finding a common purpose, and to not only create innovative ideas, but tie them back to a greater purpose and overarching mission. This model creates a tangible document which assists members of a team in accomplishing outcomes while developing a sturdy yet flexible schedule for the year or years to come.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Ability to develop a strategic plan
  • Ability to build goals for a group or team that align with larger institutions
  • Creating smaller obtainable initiatives which also align with the goals of the plan
  • Ability to utilize Critical Thinking as a tool to create a more cohesive strategic plan
  • Ability to determine and evaluate how these goals will benefit the team, organization and institution.
  • Ability to Delegate tasks to members of the team in order to have shared responsibility and accountability


General Sessions




What’s the connection between learning leadership and your ability to get the job you want?  How can mastering specific leadership competencies facilitate your productivity in the workplace?  Enhancing this year’s conference is the addition of 7 sessions by national experts and professional speakers specifically geared towards enhancing your success in the workplace.  Found in the same time slots with the more typical style workshop, these sessions are more experiential.

BLOCK 1 – crush the job interview (and leave other applicants in your dust)
Competency: Developing advanced verbal communication skills

Danny Rubiin

The best job interviews aren’t “interviews” at all; they’re conversations. Learn how to prepare and execute the perfect job interview with advanced verbal skills. The secret? Tell stories of success and ask questions few applicants would consider. This session has the potential to forever change how you approach a job interview whether a student, graduate student or professional!

Learning Outcomes:
• Know how to tell personal stories of success
• Understand the power of asking interview questions that focus on the company’s priorities
• Think of a job interview as a friendly exchange and not an intimidating boss-applicant situation


Block 2  –  Tweet Your Way to a Job

Dr. Paul Brown

Social Media can help or hurt your ability to get the job you so desire.  In this lab-style presentation, you will learn how your online reputation influences your prospects and the proper “rules of reputation.”  Hands-on activities will reveal your current reputation while strategies for crafting a social media presence for career success identified.

Learning Outcomes:

• Exploration of desirable online reputation 

• Understand the significance of online presence to career success 

• Utilize online tools/strategies to craft a desirable brand


BLOCK 3 – impress the boss and launch your career

competency:  influence and written communication

Danny Rubin

Want to be sure your job application catches the eye of your future boss?  From the secrets to writing a cover letter that sets you apart from the pack, to transforming your resume into a dynamic “recap” of your best moments, this practical working sessions promises to enhance your ability to get hired.

Learning Outcomes:

• Know how to write a powerful cover letter  
• Describe your experience in a mature manner



Competency: Functioning independently and personal values

Peter Bielagus

It is often said how you invest your money is the true measurement of your priorities in life. You put your assets where you believe they will yield the greatest return while reflecting your comfort level with risk, financial obligations, available support and values. This session is an opportunity to learn how to begin building a secure financial future by making the right kinds of investments now.

Learning Outcomes:
• Know the truth about how markets act and react
• Recognize the significant considerations before making investments
• Inspiration to actively prepare for your future financial security

Networking Boxed Lunch

Not a fan of keynote speakers over lunch while you are trying to relax? Either are we!  This one hour break allows for casual conversations, movement, sunshine (or not) and the opportunity to meet people or take a “mental break.”  Boxed lunches are available for all conference participants to take out to the patio tables or venture poolside.  Enjoy the sunshine. Even if it rains, you can be on the “dry side” of the large glass windows next to the patio. If you want to take advantage of the “Questions of Leadership” on the side of the boxed lunches to generate conversation, use them! If not, feel welcome to simply “chill.”

EDP / Concord

Lead365TALKS – Round Two

FOCUS:  “What Keeps Me Well – My True North” [Exploring the personal tools of direction, focus and wellness.]

Prepare yourself for another fast-paced and revealing round of Lead365TALKS. More incredible wisdom will be shared by six more members of The Faculty. As professional speakers, the “road” has given them hundreds of opportunities to speak, but do they ever really stop “talking?”  Learn what strategies these speakers use to navigate life and have the tools they need to keep making a difference in the world.  Facilitated by Dr. Charles Lloyd.

featured speakers:

                                        Hoan Do

Dr. AnnMarie Klotz

                                        James Robilotta

Dr. Maura Cullen

                   Melissa Ruiz

   Rev. Dr. Jamie Washington


The impressive and engaging Susan Luchey brings over 26 years working to develop student leaders.



Attending conferences like LEAD365 provides you with incredible opportunities to explore leadership through many different lenses and to hear from a variety of experts in the field.  Our goal is that all conference attendees truly walk away with new perspectives, new tools and new skills to use in their own leadership experience back on their campuses.

Facilitated by Susan Luchey and a self-selected yet trained group of student leaders, Explore Discussions is a facilitated opportunity for undergraduates to discuss topics of choice and the concerns they face on their own campuses.  Participants will be randomly assigned to maximize a diversity of experiences and conversation topics.  Students interested in being a table facilitator are encouraged to tell someone at the Registration Table when checking in! 


  • Current program successes and failures
  • Challenges to being a leader who strives for excellence
  • Motivation strategies for trying to do too much as a leader
  • Personal sharing of the learning experienced so far – what you agree and disagree with
  • Concerns about the future
  • Things you are doing that seem to be consistent with that you are learning at the conference

General Sessions




What’s the connection between learning leadership and your ability to get the job you want?  How can mastering specific leadership competencies facilitate your productivity in the workplace?  Enhancing this year’s conference is the addition of 7 sessions by national experts and professional speakers specifically geared towards enhancing your success in the workplace.  Found in the same time slots with the more typical style workshop, these sessions are more experiential.


Competency: Creating change (via social entrepreneurialism)

Dr. Bill Smedick

Interested in becoming the kind of leader others want to follow?  This session teaches the ways in which leaders can create the kind of organizational culture to consistently improve and innovate to produce amazing results. Using a more “lab” and collaborative approach, you will work together to learn the basics of entrepreneurship and how to apply innovative practices on your campuses and in your future professional lives.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Use entrepreneurial principles in their current and future leadership roles
  • Learn how to increase organization creativity
  • Understand how to create sustainability and be future oriented in their organizations
  • Appreciate the value of conflict to create innovation cultures
  • Be more results oriented


BLOCK 6 – networking as if your career depended on it
Competency: Knowing when and how to follow through

James Robilotta

Do you confidently shake hands or prefer to send an email?  How about doing both?  Whether you are comfortable or not, engaging in face-to-face conversation is a skill.  Building your network one handshake at a time, is also a skill.  This session will enhance your ability to optimize and maximize your network.

Learning Outcomes:
• Enhanced skills of making small talk
• Strategies for building your network to increase the list of “who you know”
• Awareness of appropriate methods of follow up and following through once you’ve made a “connection”

The Purpose, Passion and Professionalism of Public Speaking
Competency:  building presentation skills of influence

Dr. Jermaine M. Davis

Does the thought of public speaking give you butterflies or leave you feeling tongue-tied? Do you have problems organizing your thoughts? Are you afraid of forgetting your words in a room full of people? Research reveals that first impressions are made within the first 3-seconds of an interaction. This session offers a variety of effective speaking principles and practices.

 Learning Outcomes:

  • Strategies on managing nervousness and communication apprehension
  • Increase audience engagement using nonverbal communication principles
  • Create effective introductions and conclusions to increase engagement
  • Organize your thoughts and main points so you don’t get distracted and side-tracked



An insightful and relevant speaker and researcher on social media and how to use it to develop leaders.


We heard you!  Because conference participants indicated on their evaluations and during the conference they’d like the opportunity to give a “Lead365Talk” to their peers, we’ve opened up a time slot and have selected 4 student leaders to give a five minute “TED-style” talk with an important leadership message.  Facilitated by Dr. Josie Ahlquist.

selected speakers





Networking Boxed Lunch on the Lawn

Here it is — Day 3!  You most likely know more people than you arrived with, right?  Another boxed lunch on the patio (or poolside) provides either a social and networking opportunity, or another “mental break” and time for relaxation.  Even if it rains, you can be on the “dry side” of the large glass windows next to the patio. If you want to take advantage of the “Questions of Leadership” on the side of the boxed lunches to generate conversation, use them! If not, feel welcome to simply “chill.”

Professional Round Table Lunch

As a professional or graduate student, there have been many opportunities to socialize and get to know one another. This informal lunch is another chance to sit with colleagues, researchers and speakers to discuss best practices, topics of interest, challenges or successes.  So, grab your boxed lunch and make your way to the designated location.

Closing Session… But, you’ll have to wait for more of the details…


Greatness is rarely a solo accomplishment. Making a difference for the right reasons often requires support, encouragement and the ability to have “laser sharp” focus. This powerful session brings together lessons learned in three days that will forever change who you are, what you do and how you do it.

As part of this final event, you will also be treated to a multi-media “look back” at your conference experience and be recognized by The (entire) Faculty.  As you depart, stop and pick up your personalized “Certificates of Completion” by school delegation. Each certificate is personally signed and contains the logos of our partnering associations (NASPA, ACPA, NCLP and NACA).

Now is the time to EXPLOREENGAGEEVOLVE. Now is the time to continue the conversations with like-minded people, work collaboratively back on campus, and continuously strive to make the world a better place.


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