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Dr. Susan Salvador is the Vice President of Enrollment and Student Affairs at Northampton Community College.

Susan Salvador, Ed.D.


Dr. Salvador currently serves as a Search Associate for William Spelman Executive Search and the former Vice President of Enrollment and Student Affairs at Northampton Community College.

She served as Vice President of Student Services at Monroe Community College in Rochester, NY and was its representative to the League for Innovation in Community Colleges from 1999-2013.  She was a contributing author to Learning Reconsidered:  A Campus-wide Focus on the Student Experience, as well as a member of the National Writing Team for the Principles of Good Practice for Student Affairs, sponsored by NASPA and ACPA.

The recipient of numerous honors for her work in advancing student affairs at the local and national levels, Dr. Salvador is the past president of ACPA, and currently serves on the ACPA’s Senior Student Affairs Advisory Board and External Relations Advisory Board.

Dr. Salvador earned a Doctorate in Higher Education Administration from The University of Michigan, a Master’s in College Student Personnel from The Pennsylvania State University, and did her undergraduate work at Siena College.

Lead365-83Elizabeth Price, M. Ed.


Her expertise in educational curriculum development and marketing combine to make Ms. Price an essential contributor to the development and execution of Lead365.  Ms. Price has over 25 years of experience in professional development, training, and higher education instruction.  She currently oversees the sales, marketing, and project management of a nationally branded college software program.

Ms. Price is a graduate of SUNY Geneseo with a degree is Management Science and Public Relations with emphasis in Labor Management Relations.  She received her Master’s Degree in Education from North Carolina State University.

MartyMarty Hunt, M.A.


Prior to her recent “retirement,” Ms. Hunt was the chair of the Business Administration program at New Hampshire Technical Institute – Concord’s Community College, as well as, advisor to NHTI’s Student Senate. Whether training in the classroom or in the co-curricular environment, this former bank vice-president brings enthusiasm and humor to her presentations, and continues to enlighten through her wisdom and experience with her business partner, Dr. Chuck Lloyd. She has consulted on numerous college and university campuses sharing her signature workshop, “Student Government 101″ and remains a highly sought after consultant and panelist on student government operations throughout the country.

Ms. Hunt has been a significant source of guidance during the formation of the Lead365 National Conference serving on the original board of directors. She now serve as the treasurer of the Lead365 Foundation where her expertise and organizational development talents are being tapped to create scholarship programs and a national awards program.

In 2003, Ms. Hunt was the recipient of the Commissioner’s Award for Teaching Excellence for the Community College System of New Hampshire. In 2007, she received the Presidents’ Good Steward Award presented by Campus Compact for New Hampshire. She graduated from the University of New Hampshire and the BAI School of Banking at the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

Amma HeadshotAmma Marfo

Member At Large

Amma is a higher education writer, trainer, and speaker specializing in developing creativity and empowering introverted student leaders. As a former student leader and leadership educator, Amma is dedicated to creating opportunities for students and professionals to develop their skills and values.  She previously served on the Lead365Lead365 conference leadership team as the Director of Educational Development, overseeing the creation of online educational content and supervising the Lead365 internship program. She sees her current role as Lead365 Foundation president as a way to bring the goals of like minded organizations to life through the pursuit of relationships and funding opportunities that will help the conference thrive.

Author of A Year of Nothing New and known for her ability to teach sustainable leadership.

Kristin Skarie, M.A.

Member At Large       

Kristin Skarie is all about relationships – the careful and respectful cultivation of trusting and transparent collegial friendships to benefit the constituents of Lead365. Along with the other Foundation Members, Kristin empowers collegiate leaders to build their leadership capacity directly and indirectly through the work of the Foundation and the Lead365 National Conference.

Most recently, she brings significant fundraising experience to Lead365 from the ACPA-College Student Educators International Foundation Board of Trustees. Kristin has been recognized for her hard work and loyalty by ACPA as a 2014 Diamond Honoree and as the 2015 Corporate Partner of the Year. Her expertise is in process and infrastructure, board member development and the stewardship of signature fundraising programs.

Kristin’s 30 years of experience with her company Teamworks, higher education administration and organization development in college, corporate and community organizations, puts her in the position to serve Lead365 with passion, dedication and innovation.

Jennifer Yawson, M.A.
Member At Large

Kate Burrow, M.A.
Member At Large


About the Lead365 Foundation

The Lead365 Foundation was established to “empower collegiate leaders and professionals dedicated to developing student leaders, and to build leadership capacity in student and higher education professionals.” It is a public charity with non-profit status as a 501(c)(3) and tax ID 47-2237027.  Donations are tax deductible.


There are a variety of ways to achieve our mission.  Under the capable guidance of the Foundation executive director, Kristin Skarie, funds raised will be allocated primarily to award Lead365 Scholarships or be used to enhance the overall conference experience by providing something “above and beyond” what registration covers.  Examples include providing additional educational resources, covering transportation expenses to special events and any special learning tools or services that aren’t covered as part of a participant’s registration fee.

Let’s face it. Attendance at national conferences of this caliber isn’t always in everyone’s reach. Many students and professionals with enormous leadership potential have other obligations (and expenses) preventing them from belonging to student organizations (or institutions) that would cover all of the related expenses associated with conference attendance beyond the registration cost.  Instead of having time to be on their student government, for example,  a student might have to work two jobs to support his or her family and/or education.  Why not help make conference attendance a possibility? Lost income might not be so “lost” with the help from a Lead365 scholarship!

And, what about transportation, childcare or the logistics of time off campus? This is where YOU can make a difference by giving funds for scholarships or to help enhance the entire conference experience NOT connected to the actual registration expenses.  Only donations intended for the purposes outlined above are eligible for a tax deduction.  Otherwise, funds contributed by SPONSORS will go into the Lead365, LLC account and be used as identified in the SPONSORSHIP PACKET.

To be consistent, donations to the Foundation are assigned a sponsorship level based upon the amount of the donation, just

  • Evolve and Founding Partner – $5,000 or above
  • Engage Level – $2500 
  • Explore Level – $1000
  • Non-Profit Level – $750