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The Lead365 National Conference Badge 

All conference attendees have the opportunity to receive an electronic “credential” as documentation of a high level of engagement during the Lead365 National Conference.  By submitting the Conference Evaluation and Badge Verification Form at the closing session, an electronic badge  is issued and verified by Credly and sent to every conference participant for use on social and professional networking sites like Linkedin, Mozilla and Facebook. This offers potential employers and interested parties a more detailed look at the  Lead365 Conference experience and competency growth opportunities.  There is no charge.

This badge verifies that the recipient attended the 2016 Lead365 National Conference.  It is assumed that as a result of participation, the badge holder experienced the following:

  • Opportunity to select from 35 traditional workshops, 7 lab style interactive sessions, 2 rounds of 6 Lead365Talks by professional speakers, and 5 sessions specifically focused on career preparedness.  For a complete look at the conference program CLICK HERE.
  • Interaction with student leaders, graduate students and professional from a diversity of colleges and universities across the country, ranging from community colleges to Ivy League schools.
  • Self-management and decisions around the identification of how to maximize a three day intensive conference experience requiring business attire and conduct reflective of appropriately representing their institutions.
  • Planning travel, registering and requesting funds through the proper channels to attend a national conference of this magnitude.
  • Exposure to numerous networking events throughout the conference.
  • Opportunity to develop specific leadership competencies that serve as the foundation of the conference curriculum. These competencies include those most sought after by employers.  For a list of all of the competencies included in the program CLICK HERE.


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Earn the Student Leadership Competency Electronic Badge at the Lead365 National Conference

Student Leadership Competencies Badging is an official credential system offered through the Student Leadership Competencies Program, a nationally recognized research-based framework in student leadership development. Badges are a way to recognize and showcase the development of a particular leadership competency.  Unlike a certificate that documents an experience (like the badge above), a badge is a specific credential that showcases learning.  Digital badges are kept in an online portal to be showcased on ePortfolios like LinkedIn, Mozzilla, Facebook and so on.

By using a recognized badging system such as the SLC Badging Program, students can earn badges across institutions, associations, conferences, and experiences – much like earning a Girl Scout badge, thus highlighting a comprehensive collection of achievements.

The Lead365 National Conference is offering the opportunity for participants to earn one of the 60 competency badges offered through the SLC called the Verbal Communication badge.  To earn this badge, or anyone of the competency badges, participants must complete the following:

  • Learning:  Complete 4 hours of documented training related to the competency
  • Application:  Complete 4 hours of hands-on application (putting skill into practice)
  • Assessment:  Complete an assessment that measures competency development
  • Reflection:  Complete a written or oral reflection of learning

All four of these requirements for the Verbal Communication badge are built into the conference curriculum as noted below and complete guidelines are provided at registration onsite.  The specific workshops, labs, assessment and reflection for earning the Verbal Communication badge has been approved and verified through the SLC Badging Program.  There is an additional charge for participating in this program through the Lead365 National Conference of $49.

Participants wanting to earn the Verbal Communication badge need to attend and complete the following:

  • Crucial Conversations by Susan Luchey
  • Choice Words and Actions for Enhanced Public Speaking by Nancy Hunter Denney (Lab)
  • Communicating Like a Champ by Dr. Jermaine Davis (Lab)
  • The option of Believe Me, It’s You – Dealing with Difficult People by Nancy Hunter Denney or Getting and Giving Feedback by Michael Miller
  • Crush the Job Interview by Danny Rubin
  • How to Effectively Conference and Network by Amma Marfo and Kate Burrow (Lab)
  • Dumb Things Well-Intentioned People Say by Dr. Maura Cullen
  • Facilitating Tough Conversations by Susan Luchey (Lab)
  • Completion of Reflection and Assessment Conference Evaluation

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