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Lead365 Career Preparedness Boot Camp (Undergraduates)
Date: Thursday, November 2 – Noon to 2 PM
Additional Charge: $89

Designing Your Blueprint:  Lessons in Program Design (Professionals Only)
Date: Thursday, November 2 – 10 AM to Noon
Additional Charge: $99

Student Leadership Competency Electronic Badge*
Additional Charge: $39

*All conference participants will receive the Lead365 National Conference 2017 badge that links back to information about the intended conference experience. Electronic badges are designed to go on your social media and credential your career preparedness efforts. The additional charge is for those desiring to earn a nationally regarded electronic badge offered in conjunction with the Student Leadership Competency Badging Program. The specific badge being offered is connected to a specific grouping of conference sessions and experiences, thus making it a highly valuable addition to your social media outlets like LinkedIn, Facebook and so on because it signifies completion of national criteria around a specific competency.

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There is a $49 Registration Fee to earn the Student Leadership Competency Electronic Badge.  To sign up, click on the “View Cart” button above.  Be aware that in order to earn this electronic credential, participants must attend identified sessions and complete the Conference Evaluation and Badge Verification form.  Requirements are explained by CLICKING HERE.

* Single day registrations are not available.
** Conference fees include two breakfasts, two lunches and “heavy” opening reception.

Acceptable Forms of Payment, On-Site Registrations and Cancellation Policy.