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Giving freely of your time and efforts to serve others is an essential outcome of your leadership. Lead365 is dedicated to bringing awareness to various non-profit organizations that began with a single individual’s vision and desire to make the world a better place. Through their commitment and dedication, these organizations are actively making a difference.

Have you – or someone you know – started a sustainable organization that serves others?  Please let Lead365 help you share the story.  Hit the Contact Us button!

Alternatives In Motion

                                                         The Mission: 

Alternatives in Motion enhances independence through access to mobility equipment for the past 24 years. We take in gently used mobility equipment and giv

e it to person in need in our community ( West Michigan). Since 1998 we have been serving and empowering thousands of persons with disabilities we have created a stronger healthier community today. In the past year, we have experienced significant growth for our vital Mobility Equipment program. Our small staff served 200 clients with disabilities as of June 30,2017 compared to 235 total in 2016. The equipment varied from walkers, manual chairs and power wheelchairs and was valued at over $410,000.

Our vision is to be the central hub in West Michigan for recycling, distributing, and maintaining mobility equipment for those in need.


Corvias Foundation

Corvais FoundationThe Mission: Corvias Foundation works together with students, college and universities, military families and their employees to empower individuals to reach higher and contribute to communities in a more meaningful way.

History: Corvias Foundation was created in 2006 by John G. Picerne, founder and chief executive officer of Corvias Group (originally created as Our Family for Families First), to help individuals and families reach their educational goals and dreams through scholarships and grants. In the last seven years, the Foundation has invested more than $5.5 million directly to the education of Americans dedicated to and capable of contributing to the future of our nation.

The Foundation has been recognized by the White House for their demonstrated, genuine and deep desire to be of service to military families. Mr. Picerne established the Foundation in order to give back to the families of the men and women who serve in the United States military-more than three million active-duty and reserve military personnel.

To date, scholarships of up to $50,000 have been awarded to 90 high school seniors attending Cornell University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of Chicago and other schools throughout the U.S. and abroad. In addition, more than 180 educational grants help non-traditional students return to school and finish programs in nursing, accounting, psychology and much more.

As the Corvias Foundation continues to grow and serve more Americans, they hope their ongoing commitment to this mission brings success to today’s students and tomorrow’s leaders, as well as highlight the impact that a few people can make through community service.


Missions For Humanity

Missions For humanityThe Mission: Missions For Humanity is a Christian nonprofit organization dedicated to providing medical, dental and humanitarian aid to those in the world’s neediest communities. Rooted in the teachings of the Catholic faith, we serve with utmost respect for the preservation of human dignity. We provide care for all people regardless of religion, gender, race, or ethnicity.

Interest in the mission trips to Honduras and Tanzania, as well as the number of people served, continues to grow. Missions for Humanity doctors, nurses and dentists are now caring for thousands of people each year. Every mission focuses on the medical, dental, and educational needs of the people, yet each trip is uniquely its own. In 2010, half of the Tanzanian team flew to the island of Mafia for two days to care for those is some of the poorest villages of Tanzania, while the other half continued to work in the outlying villages of Dar es Salaam. In 2011, with the aid of the Lion’s Club of Hanover, MA, we were able to bring and distribute over 2000 pairs of reading and sunglasses to the people of Honduras and Tanzania.

Over 150 volunteers from three countries have taken part in MFH mission trips and 37% have participated in multiple missions. MFH has cared for close to 20,000 men, women and children and has collected and donated over $900,000 in medications and supplies. In July 2014, MFH will be sent two separate teams of doctors, dentists, nurses, educators, as well as other professionals and students, to Guaimaca, Honduras and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Come, be part of the Missions for Humanity effort. Go to the website to see how you can help.


The Student Affairs Cancer Foundation


Student Affairs is a helping profession. People who go into Student Affairs work do so to make a difference in the lives of college students. Most of us give our heart and soul to the work we love. The purpose of the Student Affairs Cancer Foundation is to help those of our own when they need help most.

We understand the large financial burden of a cancer diagnosis. The Student Affairs Cancer Foundation will help ease this burden with grants to qualified patients/families. It is our hope that the grants will help patients spend more energy on the fight to get well and less energy worrying about money.

About the Founder: Dr. Riordan has his doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policies from the University of South Carolina. Dr. Riordan has worked in the field of higher education for the past 29 years. He currently serves as the Vice President for Student Life at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida. Dr. Riordan has also worked at the Ohio College of Podiatry, James Madison University, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and Millersville University. Dr. Riordan is a colon cancer survivor. He serves as the Founder and President/Treasurer of The Student Affairs Cancer Foundation.