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What is Lead365?

Mission Statement

Lead365 is committed to empowering collegiate leaders and professionals dedicated to developing student leaders, to be prepared to serve the greater social good 365 days a year.

Focusing on individual growth, workforce preparedness, and enhanced skill building, the Lead365 National Conference is designed to provide the “best of the best” in conference curriculum, faculty and host accommodations.

Included in our mission is a focus on building leadership capacity that will serve participants well in the workplace, as well as paying particular effort  to sponsoring and supporting those individuals who normally would not be afforded such an opportunity through the Lead365 Foundation.

Lead365 is comprised
of the following;

  • National conferences and institute offerings
  • Online training, coaching and webinars
  • Leadership resources and products
  • Speakers Network
  • Venues for social media dialogs
  • Pre-conference Summits
  • National Awards Program
  • Scholarship Program

Lead365 will operate from the following principles:

  • Collaboration and partnership with existing national associations, programs, educators, colleges, corporations and individuals dedicated to providing leadership training opportunities and resources to college students.
  • Responsiveness to current trends, conversations and practices in leadership education including the use of popular models of leadership as the framework for the organization and dissemination of information and conference programming.
  • Commitment to service, civic engagement, volunteerism, and social justice.
  • Commitment to developing future leaders who will thrive in business and non-profit work.