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What is Lead365?

Lead365 is the sponsoring organization of the Lead365National Conference.  Hosted annually in Orlando the first weekend of November (except last weekend in Oct 2016), this premier conference is designed for undergraduates, graduate students and professionals.  Lead365 is committed to developing collegiate leaders effectively prepared to serve their campuses, and well-equipped with the competencies required to succeed in the workplace and serve a greater social good.  Take a look at the COMPLETE PROGRAM BOOKLET by clicking on the image above!

2016 Fall Conference
October 27-29, 2016
Orlando, FL

Hotel Reservation Cut-Off:
October 12, 2016 (Extended)

Early Bird Rate Ends:
October 3, 2016

2017 Fall Conference
November 2-4, 2017
Orlando, FL

Hotel Reservation Cut-Off:
October 4, 2017

Early Bird Rate Ends:
October 9, 2017

            Early Bird Special: $489                                                       

Lead365 Vision

We seek to create a premier collegiate leadership conference and a centralized “virtual roof” for the awesome talents and resources available for building collegiate leaders in America.  Read more…

Lead365 Values

We believe all college students interested in developing their leadership potential should have access to the highest quality national conference experiences (at a responsible cost) with continuing resources and support.  Read more…


More than a catchy phrase… Explore. Engage. Evolve.

By attending the Lead365 National Conference, you will experience a transformation of attitude, purpose and perspective.

Join us and build upon your current knowledge, inspiration and leadership aptitude. When you return to campus, we promise you will be a more effective collegiate leader, graduate student, leadership educator and professional!


By attending the Lead365 National Conference, you will…

  • Enhance your professional network;
  • Learn innovative strategies and practices for advising and developing student leaders;
  • Increase your ability to assist student leaders and staff in achieving their goals;
  • Reflect upon the strengths and weaknesses of your current efforts;
  • Identify a variety of professional competencies and related skills;
  • Gain knowledge regarding standards of leadership development
    programs and advising; and
  • Engage in personal rejuvenation.


By attending the Lead365 National Conference, you will…

  • Improve your knowledge of personal leadership and life goals;
  • Enhance your practical leadership skills and individual competencies;
  • Understand the value of working toward positive societal change;
  • Learn various styles and approaches to effective leadership;
  • Appreciate the value in diverse cultures, perspectives and ideas;
  • Increase your network of equally well-intentioned individuals;
  • Lead from an inspired sense of social and personal responsibility; and
  • Examine personal interests and career path decisions.


  • Enhancing Inspiration for Self-Awareness
  • Examining Current and Desired Competencies/ Understandings
  • Building Personal Leadership Abilities and Skill Sets
  • Identifying a Mission and
    Leadership Purpose


  • Sharing of Ideas/Networking
  • Developing Interpersonal Communication Competencies
  • Building Relationships and
    Working in Teams
  • Creating Environments for Collaboration


  • Understanding Social Justice and
    Diversity Topics
  • Inspiring Civic Engagement and
    Vision Development
  • Facilitating Change and Becoming
    Change Agents
  • Embracing Social Responsibility